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How to make level without any problems

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How to make level without any problems

Post by Kappa » Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:28 pm

Till level 85 is easy so I'll not explain that!
But in order to gain more exp I'll recommand u to put bonus exp on item(shield, shoes(lv 43 ones) and necklace.
From level 85, maybe 75 you go in farm map and farm on Crystal. There I'll recomand to use also a pet(Nemere), you can get pets from item-shop on site, also 'till level 125 use just one experience ring, the 30mins one, after 125 you can use both rings, the 30mins one and the 1hour one.
You will make level 134 there, after that you will go in the 134 Map, you can find that map on the NPC called Jaharr Guardian of Dragon. There I'll recomand you to go in the centre of the map bcs there are more mobs and also use Potion of Wisdom, that potion will give you a 30% experience boost for 3hours!

Following this tutorial is impossible to get a bug or something!
PS: For the Crystal i'll recomand to use Devil on items so you can deal more dmg!
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