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[EN]DevilCore V3: Something unique

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[EN]DevilCore V3: Something unique

Post by Kappa » Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:39 pm

Hello. DevilCore will bring you a new BIG UPDATE, and we think this is gonna be something new and unique!
We start with a new "Select Character" inferface. Yes, now you can see how much did you play on server!
A new loading screen:
The text will be changed with server information.
Modificări in-game:
  • SD(skill damage) from FARM weapons: the level 30, 75, 85, 126 weapons have been changed with Strong Agains Monster
  • Title System
  • Delay from Auto Pick-UP have been removed
  • Eliminate the max stack of 200 on the UP items, so you will no longer spend space in bank or somewhere else
  • A new Crafting System for PENTAGRAMS, I'll show you right now the new system

  • We add 5 new more emotion and a Party Emotion function so you all can dance in the same time IF you are in a party!

    WIP(work in progress):
    • Factions. We are gonna eliminate the term of "Empire" and change with the Factions: Angels, Demons şi Nefilim, and each of them will have a special bonus, also the you will not be able to change empire anymore because we eliminated the item that made that possible.
    • We want to implement Easter Eggs
    • Achievements System

    • We will add a swap items system that we hope will help you to sort items more easly[/list

      Those been said, I hope we are gonna be more players after the V3 and I hope you all will have a lot of fun!
      With esteem and respect [VIP]Kappa.
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