Change Log

Alexandru Ionut

Staff member
1.Smart Bot(AI)->WIP
2.Bar & Decimal Target HP
3.HyperLink in chat&pm
4.New level up& skill up effect
5.Gloss Correction (Armors 0 to 70)
6.New water effect
7.Online Friend
8.Warrior M&F Body&Mental buff skill changed
9.7&8 Skill's
10.Lycan support
12.Illumina interface-removed
13.Some interfaces has been changed
14.Adjusting performance and quality for two type of pc's: Low & High
15.V3 HD Mode has been changed with new HD Customizable Mode
16.Now you can Enable or Disable Fog
17.Direct X has been upgraded from Dx8 to Dx9
18.We are working on two new characters:
----Resist Pole=Resist Bell
----Sound Added
----Skills Added
----Armors&Weapons Added
----One hand suppot=Now Elf can use Swords
19.All shadows has been upgraded to support 10K(originally has been only 2k support)
20.We added music on loading screen
21.Shaman System (SUPPORT SYSTEM-Press x to activate)
22.Achievement has been removed
23.We working on new HomePage ->WIP
24.Pack has been changed in Data
25.Color Slot Cube added
26.Deer hunt->Wip
27.New characters security measures:pIN
28.Characters can be deleted
30.New City
31.Ingame Browser Update (IE 7 to IE 11)
--->Ingame Browser removed
32.Mount Rotation Speed & Default Rotation Speed has been incresed
33.Boss Effect
34.Ambient Sound->WIP
--->Pick-Up Sound Effect
35.BGM(Music) has been removed
36.LensFlare Fixed
37.Quiver System added
38.Daily Gift
39.Rain System
40.All characters who use /invisible can see other characters who use this command
41.CTRL+V(Paste) has been enabled
42.Emoticon-LOL(Press K to open)
43.Loading times improved(RAM Memory using has been incresed)
--->What will fix this: When your walk and see new players screen freeze whould be way shorter or not happening at all.
44.When someone send to you an emotion request,you will be notified on private message(PM),if you will accept his emotion then who send that request will be notified when you accepted
45.Sword Aura from Warrior now can be used like Sura Enchanted Blade(Ghost Blade)
46.Fix client fps
--->No more black screen when minimize the client (Memory using has been incresed)
47.Reset status points after max level has been fixed(now you will receive 360 points instead of 315)
48.Emergency ShutDown has been added(only 10 seconds,normal shutdown time is 60 seconds)->REMOVED
49.Improved campfire effect
50.DevIL and LZO has been updated
51.Map names images has been changed
52.New quest function added
--->Change Race
53.Added new quests and remove unused quests
54.New skill select menu
55.Reload cube has been fix.No more restart for new crafting systems
56.Improved Screenshot Quality
57.Minimap objects has been changed
58.No more withe texture for NPC
59.Click Item When Riding has been fixed
--->Client 100% english
--->Transalte.lua(server) 100% english
--->Locale_string.txt(server) 10% english
61.Mail System
62.Skills Over P
63.Trivia Event
64.All Pets can pick up items for you
65.Some Memory Leak & Cpu Usage Problems Fixed
66.GUID Ban
--->"In the Windows registry is a key called MachineGUID that has a UUID which
is created by Windows during installation and should in theory be unique to the machine."
67.Skills changed:
--->Feather Walk
68.OX Event:
--->Hiding Players
69.New anti-hack security measures
--->Auto-Clicker fixed(abuse this resolut in disconnecting)
70.Advanced syserr
71.Guild level 20 + Skill points + Ladder
72.New Features:
--->Set hair at character creation
--->Set other shape at caracter creation
--->show upgrade items
--->Mouse Wheel Scroll
--->Instant revive(10kk cost)
--->New pm function
--->Emojy added
--->Exp Bottle
73.Auto attack on players has been disable
74.New GM function for helping at debug
75.No more skills
--->All skills has been disabled, new you can fight only with weapons(Melee)
--->Only passive skills like language, fishing, speaking
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